• 1Intro

    Are you captivated and inspired by the world of New York Real Estate? Would you like to work in a dynamic, professional, stimulating and innovative environment? At AmeriHomes Realty you will enter an environment dedicated to superior quality and style, with a firm understanding of what New Yorkers really want from their real estate experience.

  • 2Growth

    Are you done with ‘jobs’ and ready to build a career? From the moment you join our team, we encourage you to grow and reach your potential. By providing the training, resources and connections essential for a real estate professional’s long term success, you will have the ability to take your business to new heights.

    In today's real estate world, influence and access to the best resources and connections are essential for a real estate professional's success.

  • 3Support

    We believe that by helping agents to be exceptional at what they do, we are ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of service. We offer comprehensive rental and sales training, advanced business development strategies and one-on-one mentoring.

    1. • Cutting-edge technology, marketing and personalized support
    2. • Comprehensive professional development and educational programs
    3. • A comprehensive portfolio of real estate service to serve your clients' every need
    4. • Exceptional brand and marketing resources and programs
    5. • State-of-the-art office environments
    6. • The best administrative and branch management in the industry
    7. • Highly rewarding commission structure

    We’re building the modern brokerage by bringing together the city’s brightest professionals across real estate, technology, business, and design. Be a part of this remarkable family.

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